3Dtracking in collaboration with Howen Technologies (Howen)is excited to share that our latest, enhanced and updated fleet management video solution is now available.

3Dtracking are constantly enhancing their platform features to ensure they offer the end user solutions that add value to their businesses. A video solution does just that, in a number of ways:

  • Driver behaviour adherence is improved with video monitoring;
  • Incidents of bad driving decrease significantly, and safety is improved when driver behavior is video monitored;
  • Footage of bad driver behavior and collisions can be used in driver training;
  • Videos are accepted as evidence in accidents where parties may be wrongly accused; and,
  • Videos can also provide insight into operational inefficiencies such as delivery time, idling time etc.

3Dtracking chose to integrate with a Howen camera solution after testing a number of video solutions available on the market. Howen was found to be the best available solution in the market in terms of functionality, data quality, reliability and ease of use. “Once we’d tested the Howen camera solution, we knew we’d found what we were looking for to meet the needs of our global client base” explains Noam Cimand, GM at 3Dtracking.

The Howen 4 CH AHD SD Card MDVR (Model Hero-ME41-04) is a solution that connects to a wide range of cameras, offers compact design, easy installation and maintenance. The unit is able to record aggressive acceleration, harsh breaking and speed; as well as the driver’s actions within the vehicle at the time any incident takes place. In addition, the unit offers data self-protection, to ensure that data is saved when shut down abnormally. “This unit was developed specifically to improve and enhance line of sight into driver behaviour” describes Shamy Luo, Product Director at Howen.

Once the Howen camera solution is installed in a vehicle, video data becomes available on the 3Dtracking platform. When a driver brakes harshly, accelerates aggressively or drives over the assigned speed limit, the camera solution records a film clip. The user is then able to request a video from any of the four channels that are available on the camera solution.

“We are excited about how this solution is really working for our clients. The video solution, together with 3Dtracking’s enhanced driver behaviour features, which include detailed event reporting and driver/trip scoring, offers a 360-degree view on the driver” says Cimand.

The image below showcases an incident of excessive breaking (highlighted in the red box). By clicking on this incident, the video appears (see image 2), and can be viewed on the 3Dtracking platform, or downloaded to the user's computer.

For further information relating to 3Dtracking or Howen please contact
sales@3dtracking.com | info@howentech.com