3Dtracking Features

& Functionality

Full Control

End-clients have full management of their mobile resources through an advanced range of features, including in-depth reports, real-time alerts, graphic-rich dashboards, mobile applications for Android and Apple, and integration of the latest telematics equipment available.

Advanced Telemetry

3Dtracking’s platform supports the most advanced telemetry functionality, such as CanBUS, OBD and tachograph, providing end-clients with the information and insight required to operate optimally.

Google Integration

The 3Dtracking platform is integrated with Google services, including Google maps, Google Traffic, Google Street view and Google Road Speeds.

Unlimited History

Unlike other systems, 3Dtracking never deletes data. End-clients are able to analyse their data history and run reports for any date they require.

Improving end-clients’ productivity and profitability.

3Dtracking’s leading platform allows end-clients to achieve the maximum benefit from their mobile resources, ensuring improved productivity and increased profitability.

Our superior, user-friendly management functionality means end-clients can effectively manage their fleet with detailed, in-depth reporting and real-time alerts. 3Dtracking’s platform supports the most advanced telemetry, including CanBUS, OBD and tachograph, as well as a wide range of accessories such as temperature and fuel sensors, driver identification and vehicle immobilization. These features allow end-clients get the insightful and relevant information they need to optimize their business.

3Dtracking software provides the latest in detailed driver monitoring and fuel management technologies, along with a point-based system for driver ranking.