As we all pause to enjoy a short or long break, and consider what we want to achieve in the new year, we also have the opportunity to consider the year gone by – what worked and what didn’t.  At 3Dtracking, we have taken the chance to reflect and consider what we have achieved over the year.

As we have continued to embrace disruptive and innovative technology and consistently add functionality to our platform, we have continued to improve the ease-of-use of the platform, as well as the performance and delivery of real business insights.

In order to achieve these aims, we consistently update the features on the platformand over the course of the year, we have added numerous enhancements. Below showcases our ongoing commitment to continuously improving our platform in line with partner and user requirements.

One of the most notable and exciting feature update was the enhancement we made to the Driver Behaviour feature. We integrated Driver Behaviour/scoring throughout the platform, including the Tracking and the Dashboard page. This updated system now provides a star rating for each trip, that appears on the Tracking page, and within each trip a user can also see a full breakdown of the incidents that were incurred. On the Dashboard, the new charts allow users to rank the top five best and worst drivers, and the KPI report has also been updated.


With a growing demand to be more visible in the fleet management industry, 3Dtracking decided to undertake a more active role in the area of media relations. As a result, we received a number of opportunities in the global press arena. Below are some of the articles we appeared in. Please feel free to view any of these on the links below:

March: Fleet Management Weekly - 3Dtracking on Key trends in Telematics
April: Fleet Point - 3Dtracking: Telematics and IoT can generate revenue and reduce costs
May: Telematics Wire - Indian telematics industry is currently transforming from the basic location tracking to high-end services: Noam Cimand
July: Fleetworld - 3Dtracking sees increasing demand for CO2 emissions monitoring
August: Transport Distribution Europe - 3Dtracking sees growth opportunities for telematics service providers in Europe
September: Telematics Wire - 3Dtracking adds route visualisation and optimisation to its telematics service platform

Blogs and videos:

In an ongoing effort to provide enhanced understanding of the 3Dtracking platform and showcase the usability and functionality of the platform, we continued to develop training videos. In addition, we created a number of marketing videos that showcase the various features of the platform, a tool that enables our partners to showcase the platform to their clients, making it easier for TSPs to build their business.

View our training and marketing videos

We have also written blogs that provide useful information for partners, clients and end users. The aim of the blogs is to provide all our stakeholders with information that could be useful in furthering their business success.

Read our blogs.

In summary, we wish to thank all our stakeholders for engaging with us during 2019 and we look forward to an exciting and prosperous 2020.