New solution enables telematics service providers to offer new and expanded driver behaviour monitoring services

St Peter Port, Guernsey and Guangzhou, China (July 14, 2021) – 3Dtracking, a leading global provider of white labelled telematics platforms, and CareDrive, an innovative supplier of vehicle and driver safety equipment, today jointly announced that the two companies are partnering to deliver telematics service providers and their fleet management customers a fully integrated driver fatigue and distraction monitoring solution.

This joint solution is based on the integration of CareDrive’s MR688 driver fatigue and distraction monitoring device with 3Dtracking’s white labelled telematics platform.

CareDrive’s MR688 devices utilize patented pupil identification technology to detect driver fatigue and distraction. These devices are designed with automotive-grade image sensors and Pentium II high-speed digital signal processors to analyse captured images and identify if drivers have become inattentive due to drowsiness or distraction. MR688 is capable of identifying and capturing events related to driver fatigue and distraction in all lighting and weather conditions, including situations in which a driver is wearing sunglasses.
In addition to drowsiness, the MR688 devices can also identify events related to driver distraction, such as when a driver is not looking at the road, operating audio or navigation systems and talking to passengers for an extended period of time.

When an event related to driver fatigue or distraction is identified, MR688 immediately sounds an alarm to either prevent the driver from falling asleep or stop the activity that is causing the distraction.

In parallel, the device captures an image of the instance of fatigue or distraction and transfers the image along with the details of event, including the time, date and exact location of the event to the 3Dtracking platform. In turn, the 3Dtracking platform provides the fleet manager a full view of the event and a configurable framework to take further action, including triggering an immediate alert and conducting an investigation.

This solution for driver fatigue and distraction monitoring is fully integrated with all of the functionality in the 3Dtracking platform and will be available as part of the software’s overall driver behaviour monitoring capabilities.

Telematics service providers can leverage this integrated solution to offer a dedicated service for driver fatigue and distraction monitoring or add these new capabilities to an existing driver behaviour monitoring package.

“3Dtracking has a strong market presence around the world and is growing rapidly, making the company an ideal channel to ramp upbringing our devices and this joint solution to market,” said Lanny Cao, CEO at CareDrive. “At the same time, our partnership with 3Dtracking and its software platform significantly widens our offering and brings more value to our customers.”

“Our new joint solution for driver fatigue and distraction monitoring is an attractive addition to the capabilities of our software platform,” said Noam Cimand, General Manager of 3Dtracking. “Through a number of telematics service providers using our white-labelled platform, this solution has already been deployed for several fleet management customers, including projects relating to cargo logistics, transportation and even mining and other types of heavy machinery.”

About 3Dtracking

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