New integrations enable telematics service providers to support operational scenarios for driver identification, indoor tracking, cold chain and more.

St Peter Port, Guernsey (May 19, 2022) – 3Dtracking, a leading global provider of white-labelled telematics platforms, today announced the company has recently integrated Teltonika’s new EYE Beacon and EYE Sensor accessories into its telematics service platform.

Both Teltonika EYE Beacon and EYE Sensor are BLE-based accessories that are attached to mobile assets and wirelessly connect to location tracking devices. The EYE Beacon accessory is an ID radio signal transmitter designed to track the location of specific assets, such as trailers, machinery, containers, delivery goods and virtually any other mobile asset. In additional to asset location tracking, the EYE Sensor accessory also monitors additional parameters, including temperature, humidity, acceleration and changes of magnetic field strength.

These two accessories support both indoor and outdoor tracking and can be used in a range of operational scenarios, including warehouses, hospitals, transportation hubs, construction, agriculture, cold chain and more.

Another operational scenario for which 3Dtracking is already experiencing strong demand is driver identification. In this scenario, the EYE Beacon can be used to report a driver’s identification to the 3Dtracking platform. Drivers can carry the EYE Beacon on their person and freely move between different vehicles.

Once a driver enters a vehicle, the driver ID is reported to the 3Dtracking platform and the driver is linked to the specific trip.

In the 3Dtracking platform, fleet managers have access to viewing tracking information of individual EYE Beacon and EYE Sensor units as well as multiple units that have been connected to a single tracking device. The 3Dtracking platform also creates an event when one or multiple units are connected or disconnected from a tracking device.

The support for the Teltonika EYE Beacon and EYE Sensor accessories was recently made available in the latest release of version 3.19 of the 3Dtracking platform.

“Robust casing, compact size and rich features make EYE Beacon and EYE Sensor ideal for a wide variety of application scenarios in various industries,” stated Aleksandr Krupovič, Chief of Operational Marketing at Teltonika Telematics. “We are pleased to continue our close cooperation with 3Dtracking and bring our latest telematics innovations to market through 3Dtracking’s global telematics service provider network.”

Earlier this year, 3Dtracking announced the integration of Teltonika’s ADAS solution to provide new road safety features in its telematics service platform and the two companies conducted a joint webinar.

“These new integrations of Teltonika’s news products always adds value to our platform and our service provider partners,” said Noam Cimand, General Manager of 3Dtracking. “Our service provider partners using our platform to manage their operations will now have additional options for supporting their advanced services and the complex operations of their customers.”

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