3Dtracking and Queclink have recently completed the integration of the CV100LG camera with the 3Dtracking telematics service platform.

The Queclink CV100LG camera device provides advanced surveillance for Telematics Service Providers and their customers to improve security and monitoring capabilities. CV100LG is a compact and versatile camera that captures and transmits high-definition video streams and images from front and interior facing cameras. It uses advanced technologies like motion detection and night vision to capture relevant events.


  • Support for LTE 4G Cat 4 for real-time video streaming and fast upload of video data
  • Various mounting options plus clever bracket, allowing for easy deployment in different vehicle models
  • Dual-Lens for driver-facing and road-facing video capturing with wide FOV
  • Multiple recording modes, including event mode ensure key video footage
  • BLE 4.1 connects up to 10 Queclink’s BLE Key Fob for driver authentication and SOS
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi of access point and station dual-mode supports in-cab WiFi sharing as hotspots and existing WiFi networks connection

The CV100LG camera works seamlessly with the 3Dtracking platform. For example, when significant, predefined movements or activities are detected, such as harsh braking, impact detection or a panic button pressed, CV100LG triggers instant recording and sends real-time events to the 3Dtracking platform over a cellular network connection.

The 3Dtracking platform offers several features based on the integration of the CV100LG camera, including support for monitoring harsh driving events with video and image snapshots, parking safeguard support that automatically uploads videos and image snapshots when a parked vehicle receives any impact, and the ability to change settings remotely over the air via the message function.

All the video clips and images received from CV100LG are stored on the 3Dtracking platform in the “Media” folder section, and they can be viewed and downloaded for the selected trip period of a unit. Real-time video streaming is also available from the 3Dtracking platform.

The functionality offered by the integration of the CV100LG camera into the 3Dtracking platform is suitable for applications, such as insurance claim negotiations, driver training, passenger compartment monitoring and accident reporting.

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