Powerful Solar-Powered, GPS E-Locks 

3Dtracking and TOPFLYtech have recently completed the integration of the SolarGuardX 100 and SolarGuardX 200 solar-powered, GPS e-locks with the 3Dtracking telematics service platform.

The SolarGuardX devices from TOPFLYtech are electronic locks with GPS tracking capabilities designed for securing and tracking telematics assets. These locks have solar-powered, long-life batteries with high charging efficiency and are suitable for tracking and safeguarding assets, such as containers, trailers, cargo doors or any other non-powered asset.

With IP67 ingress protection and two modem derivatives, these devices allow for deployment globally and in all environments. Up to 49,000 records can be saved on its internal memory if outside coverage and uploaded once coverage is restored, allowing full traceability and insight for assets.

The locks include a unique two-layer rope design. Their locking cord and rope incorporate a deeply embedded circuit, making it impossible for thieves attempting to bypass or cut the wire. Even attempts made on the outer layer to bypass or cut the wire will still trigger an alarm.

The SolarGuardX 100 is fitted with a Cat-M1/NB-IoT modem with GSM fallback, whereas the SolarGuardX 200 is fitted with a 4G Cat-1 modem with 3G and 2G fallback.

SolarGuardX e-locks are also compatible with TOPFLYtech’s BLE temperature and humidity sensor as well as the company’s TSDT1-B door sensor.

Seamless 3Dtracking Platform Integration

SolarGuardX e-locks transmit in the following data from its device and these connected BLE sensors to the 3Dtracking platform over a cellular network:

  • Location
  • Sensor battery voltage level and percentage
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Ambient light status (on/off)
  • Locking/unlocking
  • Rope-cut (tamper) alarm
  • Motion Detection Alarm

In the 3Dtracking platform, fleet managers also have a full view of the real-time location of assets secured and tracked by SolarGuardX e-locks and can monitor any trips in real-time, including parking durations and geo-fence violations.

These new capabilities allow Telematics Service Providers to now offer improved asset tracking and safeguarding services.

SolarGuardX e-locks are the latest addition to 3Dtracking’s portfolio of intelligent asset tracking solutions for container security, which already includes smart locks from Cellocator, Jointech, HHD Technologies, Huabao and Spetrotec.

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