Your #1 global telematics partner.

3Dtracking is a global telematics service platform provider, founded in Guernsey in 2005, with servers located in the UK.  Operating through an indirect distribution model, 3Dtracking works with more than 100 Telematics Service Provider (TSPs) partners worldwide that provide telematics services to over 9,000 companies.  As a software-only provider, 3Dtracking focuses on the research, design, development and maintenance of its cloud-based software solution that is integrated with all leading telematics hardware.  3Dtracking currently monitors in excess of 500,000 tracking units installed on vehicles across 100 countries worldwide.

The business is focused on two key areas, namely software development and growth of the existing TSP partner network.  By focusing on software development and through integration with aftermarket telematics devices, 3Dtracking is able to quickly enhance the platform to focus on client needs and the rapidly changing telematics market.  Similarly, by operating an indirect distribution channel through TSP partners rather than a direct sales channel, 3Dtracking is able to achieve a significant global footprint and deliver a high level of service and support to TSPs partners.