Mobile App

The 3Dtracking platform is available as a native application for your mobile or tablet device.

Available in both the Apple iStore and the Google Play Store, the 3Dtracking app allows you to access your tracking system whilst on the go, ensuring you have complete control of your fleet and clients, at your fingertips.

Live Tracking

The 3Dtracking app offers you live tracking and instant graphical summaries of telematics data, in the palm of your hand, keeping you up to date on all vehicles and their current status.

The 3Dtracking app allows the user to view all fleet vehicles, or a specific vehicle and their information, per trip, which includes:

  • Trip length, distance, duration and fuel used
  • Trip name and cost
  • Direction and speed
  • Time between trips
  • Detailed graphic trip data showing location, speed, external (vehicle) battery charge etc.

The app also allows you to execute an output command – such as engine cut off from the live tracking page.


In order to make the use of the app easy and just right for you, we have created customizable features such as:

  • The ability to change and customize your map view, according to various locations; points of interest, route markers etc

This feature helps to make the map less crowded and allows the user to focus on the information that is pertinent to them.

In addition, the app can be customized according to a number of system features such as:

  • Time zone, language, preferred metric system etc.

If settings are edited on the mobile app, they are synchronised to all other devices (desktop/ tablets) instantly.

Route Mapping

With the 3Dtracking app, the the user can easily view a vehicle’s complete physical route on a map, from:

  • A bird’s eye view perspective,
  • A point by point perspective, or
  • Street view.

The data points in themselves, each provide detailed information, which includes fuel level, temperature, battery level etc, and offers the user granular data with a visual reference.



Alerts are critical in fleet management, therefore the 3Dtracking app allows the user to view the detail of the alert, as it comes through to the platform. Any action required can then be taken, immediately.

Graphical reporting

The intelligent design and interface that has been incorporated into the 3Dtracking platform, is also available on the app. This affords the user the ability to graphically view the telemetry received from each vehicle, such as:

  • Battery usage
  • Speed
  • Fuel level
  • Odometer reading and more.



The 3Dtracking Dispatch feature shows scheduling information, which allows clients and partners to follow the progress and status of their order.


Driver Behaviour

The Driver behavior feature allows the user to quickly view driver behaviour, per trip. In addition, the feature now provides a star rating per trip (based on pre determined variables). This affords the user instant oversight of driver behavior across the fleet.

White Label Solution

The 3Dtracking app, like the platform, is offered as a white label solution. This allows partners to place their logo on the desktop version, and the app too, enhancing brand recognition for our partners.

If you don’t yet have an account please contact us on sales@3dtracking.com , or if you require any assistance enabling the app, please contact us on support@3dtracking.com.