Driver Behaviour,

Rating and Scoring

Video: Driver Behaviour Feature

In this video, we show you how users can monitor and react to poor driver behaviour with our real-time tracking tools and alert functions.

The 3Dtracking platform allows fleet managers to lower insurance premiums, identify accident hotspots, provide evidence for any injury claims and prevent abuse while improving their safety reputation and building a business case for increased investment in driver training.

In addition, drivers can allocate themselves to a specific vehicle via the 3Dtracking mobile app (available on Google Play and Apple Store) or the website, eliminating costs associated with purchasing driver tags and hardware needed to allocate drivers to vehicles, further improving driver behaviour monitoring accuracy.

The driver behaviour feature on the 3Dtracking platform is a core capability.

It ensures businesses are able to rate drivers and correct any non-compliant driving behaviour.

Driver behaviour impacts a vehicle's lifespan, insurance, maintenance and the safety of all road users.

3Dtracking goes beyond the basics to offer:
  • Monitoring of aggressive acceleration, harsh braking, over-speeding, idling, rapid turning and accidents
  • Specialised algorithms that provide each driver with a rating out of 100% for every trip, including visual star indicators that provide quick monitoring
  • Users can view full breakdowns of any incidents per trip
  • Reports and dashboard graphs to highlight driver performance, including driver comparisons and identification of drivers requiring additional training, including the top 5 drivers charts.
  • Video monitoring (MDVR) can be used in conjunction with driver behaviour monitoring as it allows the user to watch a playback of any reported incident.
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