Fuel Monitoring

& Management

Video: Fuel Management Function

This video highlights the various features that 3Dtracking offering in relation to Fuel Management, such as real-time monitoring, the ability to view fuel consumption - fuel levels and the fuel used in real-time (as graphics or in the form of a report), fuel management alerts and reporting.

Optimal fuel management is achieved through real-time monitoring.

3Dtracking’s fuel management system helps to optimise fuel usage and promote better driving habits through:

  • Monitoring fuel in real-time, including fuel levels, detection of fuel theft and refuelling, and fuel usage
  • Integration of various fuel-measuring technologies, ranging from aftermarket fuel-level sensors (FLS) to CANbus/OBD solutions
  • A user-friendly and downloadable graphic presentation of fuel used for each trip
  • Reports and graphs detailing fuel usage at an individual or fleet level
  • The ability to combine multiple separate tanks into a single fuel tank for monitoring and reporting purposes.
  • The utilisation of fuel data to show fuel usage ad consumption for trips.
  • Carbon emissions calculation.
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