3Dtracking Sees Growth For Video-based Telematics Services in Africa

May 31, 2021News

The state of fleet management across Africa is strong and growing according to an assessment by 3Dtracking. by Ephraim Batambuze The state of fleet management across Africa is strong and growing. This assessment is according to Noam Cimand, General Manager at 3Dtracking, a company that provides software platforms for telematics services providers. The telematics services … Read More

7 Factors in Choosing the Right Tracking Platform

March 5, 2021News

In trying times, fleet managers are under even more pressure to optimise efficiency and reduce costs — while fulfilling regulatory requirements and tightening security controls. To do this effectively, they need immediate access to reliable intelligence about overall fleet health before taking corrective action. This valuable information is a product of a smart combination of … Read More

Vehicle maintenance features drive business savings and efficiency

December 8, 2020News

Vehicle maintenance features drive business savings and efficiency As fleet managers seek to optimise efficiency, vehicle tracking platforms provide a myriad data that offer in-depth insight into overall fleet health. At the same time, turning this information into insight means ensuring data is presented in an easy-to-use format for rapid business action. 3Dtracking’s platform includes … Read More

3Dtracking integrates latest updates from CANiQ by Cellocator

November 3, 2020Updates / Release

3Dtracking platform now supports the latest features of Cello-CANiQ device. Cellocator by PowerFleet and 3Dtracking have improved their offering and partnership to ensure that users of Cellocator’s devices have direct line of sight of their vehicles and assets. The combination of 3Dtracking’s innovative features together with Cellocator’s advanced telematics and IoT solutions create a powerful … Read More

Automating logbook data collection and reporting

August 5, 2020Updates / Release

3Dtracking delivers an electronic solution that ensures accurate data collection and reporting to assist in improved tax compliance, using the 3Dtracking trip type and trip cost features. In many countries around the world, tax legislation requires drivers to keep a vehicle logbook for tax substantiation purposes.  Where vehicles are used for business and personal activity, … Read More

3Dtracking Integrates Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) for Instant Trouble Monitoring

June 26, 2020Updates / Release

Enhancement gives real-time warnings for proactive maintenance, improved safety and ongoing tracking of fleet vehicle health. St Martin, Guernsey – 3Dtracking, global telematics provider, today announced the latest addition of real-time Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) to its management service platform. The addition of DTC warnings now gives fleet managers an instant view into the health … Read More

3Dtracking integrates with leading global security provider

June 3, 2020Updates / Release

3Dtracking integrates its telematics platform into the systems of a leading global security provider, servicing multiple branches throughout Europe from a centralised alarm monitoring centre. Introduction Responsible for 24/7 monitoring of vehicles carrying high value items, one of the world’s leading security companies needed a proactive alarm monitoring solution, based in their primary call centre … Read More

Learn something new during your lockdown period!

April 15, 2020News

3Dtracking remains hard at work as transport and management of goods remains an essential service during the global lockdown.  For others in the fleet management industry, this is a great opportunity to learn how the 3Dtracking platform can help your clients to drive efficiency and manage costs. Now more than ever, businesses need innovative and cost-effective … Read More

Howen-3Dtracking Video Solution Release

March 6, 2020Updates / Release

3Dtracking in collaboration with Howen Technologies (Howen)is excited to share that our latest, enhanced and updated fleet management video solution is now available. 3Dtracking are constantly enhancing their platform features to ensure they offer the end user solutions that add value to their businesses. A video solution does just that, in a number of ways: Driver … Read More

Diagnostics: business success through measurement

February 11, 2020News

One of the world’s greatest management thinkers, Peter Drucker, put it best when he said, ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.’  And if your clients are fleet managers, you’ll know just how important it is to monitor fleet diagnostics to manage risk, improve efficiency and reduce costs. In today’s era of the … Read More