Vehicle maintenance features drive business savings and efficiency

As fleet managers seek to optimise efficiency, vehicle tracking platforms provide a myriad data that offer in-depth insight into overall fleet health. At the same time, turning this information into insight means ensuring data is presented in an easy-to-use format for rapid business action.

3Dtracking’s platform includes a basket of vehicle maintenance features that support fleet managers in their quest to streamline fleet efficiency, maximise vehicle longevity and to ultimately drive savings. These maintenance elements form part of a suite of fleet management tools including tracking, monitoring, driver behaviour scoring, fuel management, scheduling, route optimisation and CanBUS integration.

Here’s how 3Dtracking enables comprehensive vehicle management and efficiency, with features that include:

Vehicle Dates and Distances

Enhanced vehicle longevity relies on regular maintenance schedules. Through 3Dtracking’s platform, service dates can be set up using odometer or important date settings – linking specific service types (e.g. oil filter, cambelt changes etc.) to specific readings or when an important maintenance action must be taken. The result is efficiently managed schedules that ensure vehicle maintenance isn’t missed or forgotten.


Maintenance alerts can be set up to align with specific triggers such as odometer readings or important dates. Alerts are quick and easy to set up on the 3Dtracking platform to ensure proactive fleet maintenance. Watch how:

Action lists for alerts and vehicles

Once an alert is triggered, 3Dtracking’s platform can be configured to prompt action(s) to ensure specific activities occur. Users can set up a specific checklist template to activate what needs be completed on a vehicle (e.g. a service checklist) once an alert is triggered. Set up is quick and easy. Watch how:


Much like an inventory system, consumables can be allocated to specific vehicles. When stock is ordered, 3Dtracking’s consumable feature records supplier details, date of receipt and vehicle allocation. Helping reduce the volume of stock in hand, fleet managers also have an always-on view of stock in store.


Journal function

Like an electronic filing cabinet, 3Dtracking’s journal feature offers an easy way to systematically group information related to fleet management. Multiple entries per vehicle can be created, allowing for date entries and attachments (e.g. photos of an accident to be added to an Accident folder). Watch how:


Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) are generated when a vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system (CanBUS or OBD) picks up a problem, and flashes a warning light or indicator on the instrument panel. Rather than relying on drivers to inform managers of any vehicle warnings, 3Dtracking’s platform gives fleet managers an instant view of vehicle health.

For fleet managers, this integration can provide immediate business value through:

  • Proactive maintenance and scheduling
  • Prevention of dangerous accidents, e.g. warning of potential brake failures
  • Tracking ongoing vehicle issues

Users can also receive real-time alerts via email and SMS when DTC warnings are triggered, along with immediate access to a detailed report with a full history of all reported DTC warnings. Watch how DTC integration helps drive value:

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With its core aim to empower fleet managers, 3Dtracking’s platform is GDPR compliant with servers in the UK and USA, and enables vehicle management that is efficient, safe and cost effective. Using data insights and proactive triggers, maintenance can now be leveraged to optimise fleet longevity and overall safety.

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About 3Dtracking

3Dtracking is a global telematics platform provider and supports the world’s best tracking hardware, working through an indirect distribution model with telematics service providers (TSPs) and partners in six continents.

As a software-only provider, 3Dtracking offers a fully white labelled, comprehensive and cost-effective solution including fuel-management, advanced driver behaviour, CanBUS, fleet scheduling and schedule optimisation, DTC reporting and OBD integration.
In addition, 3Dtracking also places a significant emphasis on TSP/partner-focused functionality, such as full end-client control, support of telematics hardware, complete white labelling and real-time multi-language support from one of 3Dtracking’s account managers.

In order to ensure the 3Dtracking platform continues to offer a wide array of functionality, 3Dtracking focuses on the research, design, development and maintenance of their cloud-based software solution. Currently, the platform monitors in excess of 100,000 vehicles across 90 countries, around the world.