Industry Solutions


3Dtracking provides real-time monitoring and detailed reporting, allowing logistics providers to monitor & verify driver timesheets, control overtime expenses and reduce fuel and maintenance costs.


3Dtracking’s advanced platform provides the functionality to monitor vehicle utilization, highlight inefficient driving behaviour and reduce excessive fuel and maintenance costs, as well as help ensure compliance with legislation, safety and health standards.

Retail and Wholesale

3Dtracking’s effective fleet and route optimization provides end-clients with real-time information regarding work orders and vehicle utilization, as well as allowing for the monitoring of worker hours and controlling fuel and maintenance costs.


3Dtracking provides real-time tracking for precision farming and vehicle activity monitoring, as well as providing advanced features such as temperature analysis and lone worker monitoring.


3Dtracking offers security providers the tools to monitor working hours, as well as ensure the safety of mobile workers. Additional features supported by 3Dtracking include panic buttons, 2-way calling and man-down alerting.

Utility and Service Industry

3Dtracking’s leading management system helps ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, while also helping management with controlling overtime claims, fuel costs and maintenance expenses.

Trust 3Dtracking to understand your industry and customise a solution to best fit your business.

3Dtracking understands that different industries face unique challenges and have specific requirements to ensure they operate optimally. We have extensive experience across many industries. Trust us to customise a solution to best fit your business.

Don’t deal with unexpected incidents - like breakdowns, driver transgressions and schedule changes - reactively, put proactive planning in place with 3Dtracking’s advanced platform.